XForms 2.0 Draft review: The mediatype Element (for upload)

Dear Group,

states that this element is "deprecated in favor of using an AVT in
the mediatype attribute". This cannot work, since the mediatype
element for upload is no surrogate for the mediatype attribute.

The issue here is that we have to deal with two different mediatype
aspects of upload: The mediatype attribute is used to constrain upload
sources presented to the user. In contrast, the mediatype child
element is used to store the actual mediatype of the uploaded

Unfortunately, both the attribute and the element have been given the
same name. This must change in order to take advantage of AVTs for the
mediatype element. I'd like to suggest to introduce a new "accept"
attribute, which takes on the role of the old mediatype attribute. The
mediatype attribute can be used as an AVT-enabled child element
surrogate then. However, this would create a sneaky backwards
incompatibility. So we should leave the mediatype attribute as is and
introduce a new AVT-enabled attribute for the deprecated mediatype
element, if we come up with an appropriate name.

Ulrich Nicolas Lissé

Received on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:53:51 UTC