Re: Spec review, part 1

Looking at this again, I think what I felt was missing could be
covered with wording along the lines of:

  "things after embedding the form are as if the included models and
groups had been in the page in the first place"

This would make it clear what happens with events, id resolution, and
visibility of the embedded form on the embedding form, in particular.


On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Leigh L Klotz Jr <> wrote:
> Is this for submission or for load?  We agreed to load/@show=embed at a F2F
> meeting.  It was proposed (and implemented) by betterForm, and it's also
> implemented on XSLTForms, so we have one split-agent and one client
> implementation.  We also agreed that submission should have the same
> capabilites as load, so that's why I added it there.
> Leigh.
>>> 9. show="embed"
>>> I think the current text is still very incomplete. Need to
>>> discuss/action to complete it.
>> Leigh added this just before he left the group, I also expressed my
>> concerns about this text at the last editorial meeting.
>>> In general, there are some wording issues (tenses, in particular). How
>>> do we fix that?

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