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Advanced File IO

Agenda for 2011-09-07

Agenda for 2011-09-14 if there is a quorum

Agenda for 2011-09-21

Agenda for 2011-09-27

Apologies for todays conference call

Draft minutes for 2011-09-07

Draft minutes for 2011-09-14

Draft minutes for 2011-09-21

Draft minutes for 2011-09-28

Fwd: TransAnn: LCWDs of Web Storage and Web Workers; deadline September 27

Knockout.js: XForms like framework for JSON for regular HTML

More progress on ACTION-1820 (valid function)

Proposed note for insert and new functions for XForms 2.0


Regrets for todays call (EOM)

Regrets for tomorrow's call (eom)

regrets for tomorrow's telecon [eom]

Shadow DOM

Spec-ready text for the valid() function (ACTION-1820 - Bruchez to write up valid function)

This is a permutation, those aren't, was Re: XQuery (not XPath 2.0, or XPath 1.0) permutations

Update to EMC implementation

W3C Certificate of Completion

Will be a little late for today's call (eom)

Will be late for tomorrow's call (eom)

Will join upcoming calls late

XPath 2.0 discussion next week at teleconference

XQuery (not XPath 2.0, or XPath 1.0) permutations

XSLT transform function

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