Advanced File IO


I was wondering if there were any plans for advanced file output
options for XSLT. My use case in particular is producing an ODF
document (here I'm assuming you know that ODF is a zipped collection
of files, the sum of which is mostly xml) from an xml base (or
possibly some other base given the abilities of analyze-string). It
would be cool if the stylesheet could make not only the main content
file for the ODF package, but also create the folder structure, all
the accessory files and zip the whole thing up. It would be specially
useful if you could also take image urls given within the xml base
document and use that to copy and place the files within the
appropriate locations so that the images show up in the ODF.

Now I use ODF as a sample use-case, but there area a number of other
formats which have a similar design (ie, zipped collection of files).
Moreover, I think there are plenty of use cases beyond compound
formats as well.

John Thomas

Received on Monday, 26 September 2011 07:05:38 UTC