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A processing-instruction to activate XForms

Agenda for 2011-11-02

Agenda for 2011-11-08

Agenda for 2011-11-16

Agenda for 2011-11-23

Agenda for 2011-11-30

Appologies for tomorrows call

Belated regrets for today's call


Blog post "The second life of XForms" on XForms Group

Draft minutes for 2011-11-02

Draft minutes for 2011-11-09

Draft minutes for 2011-11-16

Draft minutes for 2011-11-23

Draft minutes for 2011-11-30

Efficient Data Sorting in XForms 1.1

Error handling in XForms

Late apologies

Node creation functions

Possible regrets


Regrets for tomorrow's call (conflicting meeting) (eom)

Regrets for Wednesday


Test 10.8.e needs work

Updated agenda for 2011-11-23


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