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[ACTION-1803] XForms Transformation Module

Added text regarding nodes that don't belong to an instance

Agenda for 2011-06-01

Agenda for 2011-06-08

Agenda for 2011-06-14

Agenda for 2011-06-21

Agenda for 2011-06-28

Comments on adjust-dateTime-to-timezone() and JSON conversion

Draft minutes for 2011-06-01

Draft minutes for 2011-06-08

Draft minutes for 2011-06-15

Draft minutes for 2011-06-29

JSON Instances

Likely regrets for this week's call (eom)

No internet access

No meeting 2011-06-22; lack of quorum

Proposal: remove or deprecate <extiension/>


Regrets for today

Regrets for today's call

Regrets for todays call

Regrets for tomorrow's conference call

Regrets for Wednesday call

Updated XPath Expression module

W3C Community Groups

Wiki minutes repository

Will be about 15 mn late for today's call (eom)

XForms 1.2: XPath 2.0 Module update

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