Why are xsd:duration and xforms:duration not supported/defined?

We seem to go out of our way in Section 5.1 (
http://www.w3.org/TR/xforms11/#datatypes-xforms) to not support the 
xsd:duration datatype.

There is even a NOTE saying that xforms:dayTimeDuration or 
xforms:yearMonthDuration should be used instead.

These are nice helper datatypes that have the advantage of not running 
into the confusion over how many days are in a month, but adding helpers 
should probably *not* get rid of the thing they're helping.  I think that 
is just being *too* helpful. 

In any case, it is difficult at best to claim that we don't support 
xsd:duration.   Anything that you can put in an xsi:type or in an XML 
schema can also be put in a type MIP, so type="xsd:duration" just works 
(in my software, at least).

Moreover, if I generate a form from a schema, and a data node has type 
xsd:duration, there is really no choice but to fill that data node with a 
value which conforms to xsd:duration, yet we're essentially saying that I 
could not create that same form without a schema?  Makes no sense.

Since this all "just worked" for me, I actually discovered this while 
trying to figure out why type="xforms:duration" MIP assignment wasn't 
working.  I expected to be able to get a duration or empty string, but 
xforms:duration is undefined, due only to the spec.  I think it should 
just work too.

1.1 Errata?  Could be optional, then scaled up to recommended or required 
in 1.2.

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Received on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 21:40:48 UTC