Definitions of events that are targetted to elements in different modules (xforms-binding-exception)

Hi all,

While working on the XForms bind module for XForns 1.2 I hit the following 

  One may expect that The xforms-binding-exception Eventshould be defined 
in the bind module due to its name. But it is not only dispatched as an 
indication of: an illegal binding expression, or a bind attribute that 
fails to point to the ID of a bindelement, but also as an indication of a 
modelattribute that fails to point to the ID of a modelelement, or a 
submissionattribute that fails to point to the ID of a submissionelement, 
or an instanceattribute on the submissionelement that fails to point to an 
instanceelement in the same modelelement as the submission. I could change 
the wording and say that the event is dispatched as an indication of an ID 
resolution that fails and give the two relevant examples for this modules. 
Then other modules can point out that the event is dispatched when their 
ID resolution fails (submission, model,...) but this is maybe a bit 
confusing because the xforms-binding-exception event isn't dispatched when 
the ID resolution fails while processing the id() xpath function.

I hope I'm overlooking the answer to this problem, as always any help is 
welcome ;)


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