Comment about telecon item 'We should automate boolean-from-string() on the boolean MIPs (relevant, readonly, constraint)'


I think that the Resolution 2008-09-10.1'For future versions, we change 
MIPs that accept boolean values to say that they use the XPath boolean 
function to convert the value to boolean, except if the value is the 
string "false" in which case we treat it as a boolean false.' is a really 
good resolution if you look forward to incorporating XPath 2.0 in XForms.

If we incorporated XPath 2.0 we can say that the MIPs that are candidates 
for accepting an xs:boolean  (readonly, required, valid) expect an 
xs:boolean and then the casting from string to to a boolean in XPath 2.0 
will behave like 'Resolution 2008-09-10.1' says. We should of corse change 
the wording from using the boolean function for doing the conversion to 
using casting to do the conversion. See [1] for the difference between 
fn:boolean and 'cast as xs:boolean' in XPath 2.0


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