comments for schema 1.1 in xforms

I  have read through the XML schema 1.1 datatypes & structures to look  
if it would be suitable for  a future version of xforms to use these  

XML schema 1.1 adds several useful addition and I believe that the  
Forms WG should make use of XML schema 1.1.

As an implementor we have not yet implemented XML schema 1.1  
structures (only 1.1 datatypes), so the evaluation of structures is  
not based on implementation experience.

Features that I find especially useful includes:
- Assertion, including XPath 2.0 assertions on types (complex & simple).
- looser requirements for determinism of the the content models using  
wildcards. - more useful for authors although it might be slightly  
harder for implementors supporting incremental validation.

The Forms WG will be users of the XML schema 1.1 Datatypes  

The changes and additions to the datatypes specification for version  
1.1 is supported and support for making it a recommendation


5.4  minimal conformance of decimal

incoherency between the decimal value less than 10^16 and that it is  
expressible by sixteen total digits, since the fractional part can be  
larger than 16 digits and the absolute value of the decimal is less  
than 10^16.

Limits within the the valuespace of a decimal64 is acceptable for  
minimal conformance.


The Forms WG will be users of the XML schema 1.1 Datatypes  

The XML schema 1.1 structures document contains several additions that  
are making XML schema 1.1 even more useful for Forms. Assertions.

We support assertions on all definitions, including simple types.


Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 10:05:31 UTC