Re: XML Base PER--LEIRI characters and an example

Thank you for your comments at
on the XML Base Second Edition PER.


> The value of the xml:base attribute is interpreted 
> as a Legacy Extended IRI (LEIRI). The characters 
> allowed in a LEIRI include %x0-1F which aren't all 
> allowed in XML 1.0; maybe a note to point out that 
> xml:base doesn't support all Legacy Extended IRIs but 
> only a subset would be welcome.

> It would be nice to have an example of an xml:base
> with an actual IRI in it.

The XML Core WG has reviewed these comments and agrees to
make the following clarifications to XML Base Second Edition:

We will add a parenthetical comment in section 3.1: 
"However, some characters allowed in LEIRIs are not 
legal XML characters and cannot therefore appear in 
xml:base values." 

We have added an example in section 3.1 containing an 
xml:base attribute whose value is an IRI (not just a URI). 

See also
for previous reponses.

We hope to transition XML Base to Recommendation within
the next few weeks.  Please let us know if you accept
our disposition of these comments as soon as feasible.
If we have not heard by September 22, we will assume
you have no objection to our resolution.

Paul Grosso
for the XML Core WG

Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2008 16:33:42 UTC