Re: XML Base PER

>> It is not clear from the spec about what is permitted to be considered a  
>> URI in a host language. The spec refers to URIs everywhere, without  
>> exactly specifying what qualifies. In particular we hope that XML Base may  
>> be used at any point some value is interpreted as a relative URI/IRI, even  
>> if that value isn't a URI per se.

>I'm not exactly sure what more could be said. But note that the
>Infoset supports XML Base, so in an XML context, resolving against the
>current base URI should do the right thing.
>Any spec that has strings that should be intepreted as relative URIs
>and supports XML Base can describe the semantics explicitly.

I'd like to add that I don't think it would be right for XML Base to
say anything about what strings should be considered URIs.  That is
entirely up to the XML vocabulary in question.  This spec addresses
the other half of the question: *given* a relative URI, how is it
resolved?  It thus fills the role described in RFC 3986 section 5.1.1:
it specifies how a base URI can be embedded in XML content.

-- Richard

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