Re: Marathon crank of WebFormsA; should be ready for FPWD decision this week


Sorry for the late reply but I just returned from Switzerland and didn't 
had an internet connection their, the specification looks nice (as usually 
a good piece of work).

I have some small remarks:

1) boolean-fromn-string(): I don't think we need this function to be 
applied to the result of the xpath expressions for our boolean MIPs. As 
pointed out in [1] as a reaction to resolution  2008-09-10.1 [2] [3] I 
think by NOT adding this extra function call we can achieve the same and 
this will ensure that we can migrate to XPath 2.0 more smoothly. (In XPath 
2.0 when you cast to an xs: boolean a string of 'false' is false, 'true' 
is true, 0 is false, ...)

2) setFocus(): I (like MarkB also said before)  would also like to propose 
that we use the existing focus() function from the Document Object Model 
(DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification 
( definitely because the 
spec is targeted to HTML and XHTML users.

3) startsize repeats the element itself in contrast to the xf:repeat-* 
which repeat their content.

4) Data Submissions: for this I'm not sure if we want to add this in the 
first version of this spec, but some time ago we talked about making these 
attributes 'inheritable' (action item which is assigned to me)


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Marathon crank of WebFormsA; should be ready for FPWD decision this week

Dear Forms WG, 

I did a very long session on the WebFormsA spec today to address the many 
issues we discussed about it so far, as well as complete a few more 
aspects of it.   

Please review it during the week before the telecon so that we can, on 
this week's telecon if possible, entertain the proposal to take it to 
first public working draft. 

Here are the changes in the draft relative to the draft from the 4th: 

1) Changes throughout the spec to focus on HTML/XHTML web pages.  This 
included getting rid of all "wfa:" namespaced attributes as well as 
getting rid of the form attribute and focusing on the HTML form element. 

2) Changed how the default instance is found.  Now use an instance 
attribute rather than putting default attribute on xf:instance.  Note that 
it was not necessary for this spec to add the instance attribute to the 
model element as the data instance generation of WebFormsA is defined to 
happen before xforms-model-construct. 

3) Significant tightening of the conformance wording throughout the spec 
(must, should, may and other rfc 2119 words). 

4) Added automatic boolean-from-string() conversion on result of required, 
constraint, readonly, relevant. 

5) Added the exemplary table row and table column arithmetic operations to 
the XPath context section. 

6) Numerous smaller edits 

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