Question about UI.Inline


Following a question on our users' mailing-list, I checked the XForms  
schema for the content of label, help, hint and alert, and it is  
defined as "UI.Inline".

When using XForms with HTML/XHTML, is the intent here that the content  
of these elements should or must be inline markup as per the HTML  
notion of inline content? In my opinion, there does not seem to be a  
particular reason why the content of help and alert, in particular,  
should be restricted to inline HTML markup.

I realize that the schema is non-normative, but what is the WG's  
opinion on this? Is the intent that the content should be inline as in  
"non-block HTML elements", or is this another concept of the term  



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Received on Tuesday, 20 May 2008 18:02:37 UTC