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Eric -- looks very nice...Congratulations!  I'm assuming the builder can be
used independently of the runtime, so that forms can be deployed using
other existing runtimes?  Charlie

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        [ANN] Announcing Orbeon Form Builder                                     
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It is with great pleasure that we are announcing Orbeon Form
Builder. Form Builder allows you to build forms right from your
browser and aims at taking the pain out of building forms. It is 100%
open source, standards-based, and built on top of the Orbeon Forms
XForms implementation, which we have been refining for years.

An alpha version of Orbeon Forms Builder is currently available to
developers for testing and feedback. You can download it as part of
the Orbeon Forms nightly builds.

More information is available on the Orbeon Form Builder product page:

See also our recent blog entry on this topic:



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