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Hi John,

> Regarding planetXForms, I do wonder whether you've seen the update from my blog,
> posted last night.'s the top post at the moment on the Planet site. :)

>  Actually, there seem to be about half a dozen entries there.  The reason I ask is
> that you mentioned low turn out, and granted I'd like to see more blogging too, but
> I'm noticing that my feed reader is not reporting any changes even though the
> website is updating.  I'll confess that my current feed reader in Notes 8 is getting
> confused by Dublin Core formatted dates and times, so the W3C feeds are causing
> it problems.  It would be nice to know if the update problem for planet XForms is on
> my feed reader, but since you mentioned the issue I wonder if maybe this time it
> isn't?
> Please let me know.

I'm not quite following. Are you saying that if you look at the
planetXForms site you don't see your post as the top one on the home

My comment about low output was simply that the site doesn't change
more than once every couple of days.

So even if people don't want to start a blog, perhaps they could still
post a screenshot of their latest cool XForms application, because (a)
it keeps the site fresh, and (b) it makes public the fact that people
really are working on stuff.

I'm as guilty as the next person, I know. :) I do blog, but I have a
disk-drive full of forms that I haven't made public or written about.
Interestingly the top hit on my blog is still my experiments in
implementing Google Suggest with XForms, and whilst that's a couple of
years old now, it shows that people want the tutorials, the code
walk-throughs, the screenshots, and so on.

I'm not trying to browbeat only came up because we were
talking about names, and all I'm trying to say that if we _really_
want more people to find about how good XForms is, then we'll get a
lot more mileage out of showing them.



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