Additional "likely" strawman assignments on wiki

Just after the call, I made a couple of adjustments to the "strawman" 
parenthetics in the XForms 1.2 part of the future features [1].

The bold "strawman" parenthetics indicate people who have assigned action 
items to write a first draft.

The new entries are italicized.  They indicate the people who seem to be 
the champions of these features, which seems to make it more likely they 
will be included in 1.2.

In particular, 

1) Mark Birbeck and Charlie Wiecha were attached to the 'nested models" 
and "external model with src" because those seem to be highly related to 
the action item they accepted this morning.
2) Nick and/or Leigh were attached to the "multiple constraints" / "same 
MIP on same node" topic because Nick raised it and Leigh spoke 
convincingly about it today
3) John was attached to "model driven switch with case attr" because he 
passionately believes that if the author's intent is to do UI switching, 
then it should be possible to express that with a switch rather than a 
pile of groups that are not declaratively related.  John feels strongly 
enough about this to volunteer for the action item should the group 
approve this feature.

Please comment if you feel your name was assigned inappropriately OR if 
you feel that something should *not* be included in XForms 1.2.

We'll discuss this more on the list and of course on next week's telecon. 
Good progress on today's telecon!

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