Re: Yahoo! introduces mobile XForms

...and it seems a good example of an implicit model, who's fields are
driven by the ref expressions as Steven shows below...Submission,
therefore, is quite simple, but allowing for future extensions when an
explicit model is introduced.  It should be an interesting use case for the
forms task force...Charlie

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         Steven Pemberton                                                         
                           Mark Birbeck, Dharmesh Mistry                          
                                                                01/08/08 10:48 AM 
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On Tue, 08 Jan 2008 16:35:15 +0100, Mark Birbeck
<> wrote:
> The mark-up is not like XForms at all, so it won't work in an XForms
> implementation that I know of. And although they say that they have
> borrowed the XForms binding approach I couldn't find any examples in
> the documentation.

I see several examples, such as:

             <input ref="accountNumber">
               <label>Account Number</label>
               <hint>Enter your 16-digit account number here.</hint>

I see submission, submit, trigger, select1, secret, ...

So I think that their markup is really XForms. What I suspect is that it
gets transformed to the device depending on the device properties (as
several Mobile XForms systems do).


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