Re: Yahoo! introduces mobile XForms

Hi Dharmesh,

> does this mean anything developed in "Blueprint" can be rendered in a
> standard xForms plug-in or just that they have "borrowed xForms constructs"
> ?

Well...sort of neither. :)

The mark-up is not like XForms at all, so it won't work in an XForms
implementation that I know of. And although they say that they have
borrowed the XForms binding approach I couldn't find any examples in
the documentation. (But I'll look again more slowly later.)

But they do say that it is XForms 'under the hood', and I _think_ that
what they plan is for a server to convert the higher-level Blueprint
mark-up to XForms, which could be delivered 'raw' to XForms devices.

My guess is that for now it's simply converted directly to JavaScript
for delivery to devices...but I'm only guessing. :)

Still, it's good to see XForms within their frame of reference. And if
you look at how the Google Mashup Language includes some XForms-like
features, you can see why it seems like a good marketing idea for
Yahoo!, to differentiate themselves this way.

And it also bodes well for the whole approach of using mark-up rather
than scripting.



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