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Call for Exclusions: XForms for HTML Ian B. Jacobs (Friday, 19 December)

label in message John Boyer (Wednesday, 17 December)

Draft minutes for 2008-12-17 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 17 December)

TELECON AGENDA - 17 DEC 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 17 December)

New simplify loan form example for XForms for HTML Thomas Ling (Saturday, 13 December)

3 action items done John Boyer (Friday, 12 December)

XForms 1.0 Basic Implementation Report from PicoForms John Boyer (Friday, 12 December)

Question about bind element and its evaluation context (Friday, 12 December)

Re: xf:submission/@serialization="none" and GET request URLs John Boyer (Thursday, 11 December)

Draft minutes for 2008-12-10 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 10 December)

Updated list of action items 2008-12-05 Nick Van den Bleeken (Wednesday, 10 December)

Updated draft of XML Data Island Module Charles F Wiecha (Wednesday, 10 December)

TELECON AGENDA - 10 DEC 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 December)

Fw: Transition Request for FPWD for "XForms for HTML" John Boyer (Sunday, 7 December)

[Implementations] ASP.NET MVC XForms Steven Pemberton (Thursday, 4 December)

Draft minutes for 2008-12-03 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 3 December)

Call on the 17th of Dec? John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 December)

Latest XForms for HTML spec: 2 Questions on Form containment and multiple models generations Thomas Ling (Wednesday, 3 December)

Regrets for today's Call Paul Butcher (Wednesday, 3 December)

TELECON AGENDA - 3 DEC 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 December)

Please update action item list... John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 December)

Regrets for tomorrow's call - traveling (eom) Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 2 December)

Regrets for all December meetings Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Tuesday, 2 December)

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