1.1 CR spec ready with last of issues resolved

The editor's draft is now ready for consideration of transition to CR 
The following changes were made this evening:
1) Changed to lax schema processing and defined "applicable" schema 
2) Moved status of input mode appendix to informative
3) Changed insert to select target location based on using context for 
specifying parent and nodeset for specifying sibling
4) Changed Appendix B.4 pattern and note.

Also, fixed the spec xml so that it would properly respond to deleted divs 
and delete list items.  As results, the prompt action no longer shows up 
in the table of contents, and the list in section 6.2.1 does not contain a 
"Deleted Content" bullet point.  Note that deleting an ordered list item 
works correctly in the normative spec, but unavoidably still increases the 
numbering in the diff-marked spec.  However, the diff-marked spec is 
non-normative, and it is necessary to show the deletion, and it beats the 
prior behavior, which increased the numbering in the diff-marked version 
AND created empty points in the normative spec.

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Received on Tuesday, 6 November 2007 06:12:01 UTC