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Re: leaving the Working Group

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 18:01:24 +0100
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To: "Jan J Kratky" <kratky@us.ibm.com>
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Congratulations on your move! It's been great working with you, and
hopefully we'll still see you around.

Best regards,


On 22/05/07, Jan J Kratky <kratky@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> Hi all:
> I'll be leaving the Forms Working Group, effective this week. I've taken a new position within IBM's Rational division, which will be quite different from the position I've held the last few years dealing with SOA standards and client/forms markup technologies and tooling.
> I will be on this week's telecon to introduce my colleague Keith Wells, who will be joining the group in my stead. Keith has worked with me for nearly two years on XForms technologies, including the Eclipse-based tools on IBM alphaWorks, as well as a variety of forms demonstrations for customers and industry-vertical standards organizations like ACORD, HL7 and MISMO. Among other things, he will be able to pick up the test suite work without any "bumps in the road" as we approach the wrap-up of XForms 1.1.
> I'm excited about my new opportunity, but have mixed feelings about having to leave the working group. XForms is an important and very interesting technology, and it has been a great pleasure to get to know all of the working group members.
> Now, a little bookkeeping ... below is the list of the action items assigned to me which are listed as having a status of "open" in Nick's most-recent update. I have copied the table of items below and updated the "Status"column for each.
> Description
> Date Created
> Status
> References
>  Jan Kratky
>  Jan Kratky to provide support for XForms 1.0 Basic Profile test suite feature list.  2007-03-07 CLOSE. The test suite provides the ability to filter for those cases which are required for XForms-Basic implementations. Action 2007-03-07.2
>  Jan Kratky to update schema for XForms 1.1 thin spec changes.  2006 08 16 TRANSFER to Mark Birbeck, who has taken responsibility for the Schemas some time ago. Action 2006 08 16.2
>  Jan to review current version of chameleon schemas created by MarkB.  2006-03-02 CLOSE. Action 2006-03-02.9
>  Jan to work to document mechanism to achieve an internal versioning mechanism for XForms 1.1 based on profile="xforms 1.1 svg 1.2" solution/hasFeature/CDF work.  2006-03-02 CLOSE. The original intent of this was for me to investigate whether the CDF working group had any suggestions here. I reported some time ago that they do not handle this issue. Action 2006-03-02.8
>  Jan to create test for <bind nodeset="x"><bind calculate=".."/></bind> after erratum is published  2005-09-08 TRANSFER to Keith. I have to admit that I haven't checked whether this erratum has been published. If it has, it is likely that this has already been done. Action 2005-09-08.28
>  Jan to do more research on where it is appropriate for <ev:listener> to be allowed.  2005-02-28 TRANSFER to Keith. This is post-1.1 work. Action 2005-02-28.24
>  Action Jan will move <message> out of actions but is not yet sure where to.  2004-12-02 TRANSFER to Keith or possibly to Mark Birbeck (schema work). This is post-1.1 work. http://www.w3..org/2004/12/02-xforms-irc#T15-32-31
> Also, we have been discussing mustUnderstand and extension recently. Here is a link to my earlier attempt to initiate that discussion: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-forms/2006JulSep/0161.html
> Cheers,
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