Common HTTP Model

Before the HTTP Client Module hits 1.0, it would be very nice if we
could define a common XML HTTP Model for HTTP Requests/Responses
(excluding bodies initially) which could live outside of the namespace.

Such a HTTP model could be reused in many specs, and in particular I
would like to reuse such a thing in RESTXQ which Christian and I are
actively working on to get to 1.0 ASAP.

Any objections to the following -

1) Creating an EXPath spec which is just an XML model which is in the
namespace The XML model will just cover the
protocol itself excluding bodies, as typically bodies are handled
out-of-band due to their types and implementation performance (e.g.
http-client:send-request returning a sequence, RESTXQs sequence
response, etc).

2) Changing the suggested prefix of the HTTP Client Module from 'http'
to 'hc' or 'http-client' or similar, to avoid conflict/confusing with

3) Modifying the EXPath HTTP Client spec to use that HTTP model.

If this sounds okay in principal, I would like to get this going ASAP,
but I am going to need support from the community to hit 1 .0 in the
next 1-2 months, I do not want to undertake such work if it never gets
out of draft status.

Cheers Adam.

Adam Retter

eXist Developer
{ United Kingdom }

Received on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 09:28:30 UTC