Re: [expath] Re: EXPath File Module, June 06 2012

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I would also like to credit Gabriel
Petrovay, who has developed the initial versions of the specification.

@Michael: I corrected the typo on $file:path-separator. And I agree
that most presented functions would probably have to be annotated as
being nondeterministic, or at least sequential. As Matthias indicated,
this may be a problem of most existing EXPath specifications we
currently have, so it could be worthwhile to have a general discussion
on how we want to handle nondeterministic functionality in all the

@Dan: yes, it would be exciting to have wrappers for eXist and
possibly MarkLogic and other implementations! We don’t gain much if
the available specifications are only offered by one or two

@Claudius: I'm looking forward to the new version of the FTP
Specification. Reg. the Crypto spec: did you get some more feedback on

A side note: Matthias and me are also working on a general module for
packing and extracting data (called "Archive Module"). I would be
interested who of you is working with the existing EXPath ZIP Module?


PS: if you are interested: the latest version of the specification can
be tried out live with the latest snapshot of BaseX (the JAR file can
be started with a double click):

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