Re: EXPath File Module, June 06 2012


Thanks to you and your team for your efforts in this area.  It looks like
you have thought out things very well.

Each EXPath specification will make our XML applications a little more
portable across platforms and allow us to reuse more components.  I hope we
can have eXist and MarkLogic support the file module in the future.  Since
eXist already has a file module I suspect we could write an adapter to this
spec in XQuery.

Keep up the great work!

   - Dan

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 6:41 PM, Christian Grün <> wrote:

> Hi Florent, hi all,
> after numerous discussions, both internally and community-wide, we
> (Matthias Brantner and me) are glad to provide you with the latest
> version of the EXPath File Module:
> The module has been implemented both in BaseX (Java) and in Zorba
> (C++). We consider the proposed specification to be very stable, and
> we would be glad to see it updated in EXPath, and we are looking
> forward to all of your feedback to finalize the spec as soon as
> possible.
> Thanks,
> Christian, BaseX
> Matthias, 28msec

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