RE: Specializations of skos:broader in ISO25964

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> > - broader is non-transitive (it’s a step relation), so it cant have transitive subprops.
> This is wrong. A non-transitive property can have transitive sub-properties, even if this property is meant to represent "steps"

Formally I'm wrong but practically I'm right.
Applications expect broader to be the step relation. If it contains transitive sub-relations, this will wreak havoc.

> > so for now let’s just define broaderGeneric, broaderPartitive and broaderInstantive as subprops of skos:broader, and leave it at that
> I agree with the focus on the simple, non-transitive definition for BG, BP and BI.
> But I think we should let the ISO WG (with the input from this community) the choice, whether they want to offer transitive super-
> properties (for BG and BP) if they think it can help data consumer.

This is a valid goal! And then define their disjunction iso-thes:broaderTransitive.
People in the know should use iso-thes:broaderTransitive and not skos:broaderTransitive.

Johan, this below is actual Turtle you could use.
If you prefer OWL/RDF (a horrible invention), you can use the rdf2rdf program to convert.


iso-thes:broaderGeneric    a owl:ObjectProperty; rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broader.
iso-thes:broaderPartitive  a owl:ObjectProperty; rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broader.
iso-thes:broaderInstantive a owl:ObjectProperty; rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broader.

iso-thes:broaderGenericTransitive a owl:TransitiveProperty.
  iso-thes:broaderGeneric rdfs:subPropertyOf iso-thes:broaderGenericTransitive.
iso-thes:broaderPartitiveTransitive a owl:TransitiveProperty.
  iso-thes:broaderPartitive rdfs:subPropertyOf iso-thes:broaderPartitiveTransitive.

iso-thes:broaderTransitive a owl:ObjectProperty;
  skos:scopeNote """
Defined as a disjunction of broaderGenericTransitive and broaderPartitiveTransitive (BGT+BPT).
Unlike skos:broader, this property allows paths of BG and BP but not BI, nor mixed paths of BG+BP.
Despite the name, this property is NOT transitive, because it excludes mixed paths.
To comply with thesaurus design principles regarding query expansion, you should use this property instead of skos:broaderTransitive.
  iso-thes:broaderGenericTransitive   rdfs:subPropertyOf iso-thes:broaderTransitive.
  iso-thes:broaderPartitiveTransitive rdfs:subPropertyOf iso-thes:broaderTransitive.

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