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TR: The 5th Computer cooking Contest (CCC 2012) - Lyon, 3 sept 2012

From: Florence Amardeilh <florence.amardeilh@mondeca.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:26:30 +0200
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The 5th Computer Cooking Contest (CCC 2012)

September 3, Villeurbanne (Lyon) France.



Present your digital application during this live competition. Show that the digital

technologies you have developed is more creative than the average cook. Let your

creations be evaluated by a professional cook and a Jury of international scientists!



Once upon a time, we wondered whether some software system could help us make a yummy meal

from the contents of our fridge. Given a restricted set of ingredients, the task was to cook something

“that tastes good”. More recently, we wondered whether a system could help us explain our

research interests to a broader audience. Given the technological state‐of‐the‐art, the task was to

create a problem‐solving system. Glue the two together and you get: The Computer Cooking Contest!

The goal of the CCC is attract new people (e.g., students) to work with AI technologies such as casebased

reasoning, semantic technologies, search, and information extraction. Cooking is fun,

particularly when using a computer to design the menu. And the contest will attract public interest.

Since everybody knows something about cooking, people will be curious about how well a computer

can cook. Finally, we have all noticed the public's increasing interest in cooking, motivated by the

growing awareness that good food is mandatory for good health.



There two tracks in the CCC'2012: one for advanced software technologies for cooking, and one for

innovative use of digital technologies for cooking. We focus on technologies for home cooking (as

opposed to technologies that are targeted at professionals). The evaluation criteria will be different

for each track. The prize for advanced software technologies will reward the system that has the

most potential for the future of home cooking (challenging problem, breakthrough technologies).

The prize for innovative use of technologies will reward the digital system that demonstrates the

most novelty today (i.e., innovative usages of technologies, existing user base, and fast growth).

Each participant will have to submit a presentation of their system, in writing, before August 17 2012

and make a live 30 minute presentation and demo during the CCC on September 3. Evaluation

criteria will be different for each track (new software technology and innovation in cooking tracks).

The evaluation procedure will be made clear prior to the contest. Watch for website updates!



Two cash prizes will be awarded, one for each track. A 1,500€ cash prize will be awarded to the best

system for innovative usage of digital technologies for cooking and a 1,000€ cash prize will be

awarded for the best advanced software technologies. The cash prize is a personal prize that will be

awarded to the individual who presents the system (as opposed to his/her organization).

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