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Anyone published mappings between DBpedia and subject vocabularies like IPTC, DDC, LCSH ?

From: Johannes Hercher <Johannes.Hercher@hpi.uni-potsdam.de>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 14:19:21 +0200
Message-ID: <3BEEBA1E-2B9B-43E4-9B64-75DEF70E41F4@hpi.uni-potsdam.de>
To: SKOS <public-esw-thes@w3.org>, <public-rdf-wg@w3.org>, <public-lld@w3.org>
Hi all,

I'm interested in mapping/aligning/merging/reconciling subject vocabularies with DBpedia or Freebase. Do you know where I can have bulk access to mappings between vocabularies?

To clarify: By "subject vocabularies" I mean controlled value vocabularies for subjects and genre like LCSH [1], iptc-mediatopics[2], dewey classification (DDC) [3], Schlagwortnormdatei (SWD) [4]. In general, I prefer SKOS Mapping Relations, e.g.

`ex:Sports skos:excactMatch dbpedia:Sports`

I know there is software like PoolParty [7] to handcraft these mappings... But is there no list of _published mapping files_ available? I mean, in the way its available for sparql endpoints [8] or lod-datasets [9].

So far I've found a section in the W3C library linked data group #lldata [10] that lists some subject vocabularies that have mapped in respective projects like MACS [11] and HILT [12] (btw. both seem unavailable at the moment) but i did not found a list of downloadable files, nor sparql endpoints that contain these mappings.

Looking forward for your hints and community input.


[1]: http://id.loc.gov/
[2]: http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic
[3]: http://dewey.info/
[4]: https://wiki.d-nb.de/display/LDS/Dokumentation+des+Linked+Data+Services+der+DNB
[7]: http://poolparty.punkt.at/de
[8]: http://www.w3.org/wiki/SparqlEndpoints
[9]: http://www.w3.org/wiki/DataSetRDFDumps
[10]: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/lld/wiki/Vocabularies#Mapped.2Fmerged_Value_Vocabularies
[11]: https://macs.hoppie.nl/pub/
[12]: http://hilt.cdlr.strath.ac.uk/

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