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ANN: new version (0.7.2) of Semantic Turkey Knowledge Management and Acquistion Platform

From: Armando Stellato <stellato@info.uniroma2.it>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 23:20:32 +0100
To: "SKOS Mailing List" <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
Message-ID: <082601cbbc14$eb6c4420$c244cc60$@uniroma2.it>
Hi all,


Support for SKOS (and SKOS-XL) is still experimental, though if anybody
wants to give it a try..


(a note for enabling experimental SKOS is at the bottom of this page:


-- Apologies for multiple postings --


Dear all,


Semantic Turkey 0.7.2 is out there and waiting for your download J


Semantic Turkey is an extensible Knowledge Management and Acquisition tool
built on top of the Firefox web browser.

It can be used as an Ontology Development tool for building and populating
ontologies while acquiring information from the web, as a Platform for
Knowledge Acquisition from Web, or just as a Firefox extension for taking
"bookmarks on semantic steroids".

Semantic Turkey is extensible, in that different technologies for triple
storage can be dynamically plugged to the system (the two ones currently
packaged with the system are Sesame2 and Allegrograph(experimental) ), as
well as new functionalities, by exploiting standard OSGi module system and
Firefox component extensibility and overlaying mechanisms.


Main Site (docs, references etc.): http://semanticturkey.uniroma2.it/

Project Site on Google Code (source code, bug tracking etc.):

Firefox Extension Site (download the extension from here):
https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/8880 this site, due to a bug in
Mozilla extension upload service which is not compatible with some
extensions, is temporarily down, use the google code page for the moment
(see below)


The new download is from the google project site:

y-0.7.2-2011-01-20_b130.1.xpi&can=2&q=#makechanges> &can=2&q


User group for discussions and announcements:



To make it work, you just need java installed in your machine, and java
plugin enabled and working inside Firefox.

Installation is just as long as downloading the xpi file and drag'n'dropping
it over Firefox, however, read carefully the first pages of the
documentation for any issue which may arise:



The new version of Semantic Turkey has undergone a few improvements and
hosts a couple of new features.


Versions 0.7.2 Changelog


version 0.7.2

date: 20-01-2011


  * modified getSubClasses request from Cls.java for showing chosen labels
instead of the class qname

  * fixed a BUG in the response packaging in the server to always reply with
properly UTF-8 encoded characters

  * fixed BUG in SPARQL panel (on client, UI project) preventing language
tagged property values to be shown (javscript null pointer exception)

  * added a new updateRoutine (see UpdateRoutines in resources package) for
specifying the ModelType of main-project

    if it is not present (that is, if the main-project comes from an earlier
version of SemanticTurkey)


  * added support for SKOS / SKOS-XL (still experimental, look on the
documentation how to activate it)

  * removed constraint on "at least a type (not owl:Thing) for each
resource", now owl:Thing is always visible

  * added support for OWLART API 2.0.2. ModelConfiguration (now each plugged
triple store dynamically provides its specific list of configuration
attributes, which can be set from UI for at project creation)

  * new support for graph view of the ontology through a new applet based on
Jung graph java library 

  * improved Mac compatibility (still considered not officially supported,
though a few Mac users that are helping us, reported 100% compatibility in
this version)

  * improved assignment of values from properties, by inferring proper range
type (literal/resource) from both type of the range 

    and of the property itself (also taking into consideration
specifications-wired range limitations on RDFS and OWL annotation

  * support for content negotiation (now import functionality always asks
for proper RDF format, by inferring it

    from the file extension, default is RDF/XML)

  * AllegroGraph (other than Sesame2, as for previous versions) officially
supported in common distribution (OWLART API impl. for other triple-stores
are also available, ask the authors)




Armando Stellato,

on behalf of the "Semantic Turkey Cooking group":
http://semanticturkey.uniroma2.it/aboutus/ J


P.S. we have prepared a questionnaire for tool evaluation:

It is not taking much time, and any goodwilled person is welcome to
contribute to it!





Ing. Armando Stellato, PhD

AI Research Group,

Dept. of Enterprise Engineering

University of Roma, Tor Vergata

Via del Politecnico 1 00133 ROMA (ITALY)

tel: +39 06 7259 7330 (office, room A1-14);

     +39 06 7259 7332 (lab)

fax: +39 06 7259 7460

e_mail: stellato@info.uniroma2.it


chat addresses (do not use them for mail, I do not use these addresses for
e-mailing and won't reply to any mail sent to them!)


yahoo: stellato75

jabber(gtalk): stellato75@gmail.com <mailto:starred75@gmail.com> 

skype: odnamar




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