How to use notations from classification schemes in SKOS

[This question has been on the list before [1][2], but I found no
ultimate answer and thus feel free to post again. Sorry for any
Classification schemes like the Universal Decimal Classification, MCS,
or PACS usually have two human-readable labels: One containing a
notation (usually a combination of digits and letters following a
specific syntax, so that it's possible to see super-/subclass
relationships and ideally to identify precoordinated notations), the
other one being kind of free-format text only. Both labels are intended
for human use. For the second one, I would probably use skos:prefLabel,
but is there a specific label for use with notations? I wouldn't be
comfortable to use skos:altLabel, since the semantic is quite different,
but I can't find a skos:notation property or anything similar. Have I
missed anything?




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Received on Monday, 13 February 2006 13:30:32 UTC