RE: 'Extending' SKOS Core

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> Sent: 15 June, 2005 12:05
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> Subject: 'Extending' SKOS Core
> Hi all,
> The intention is currently that 'extending' SKOS Core will be 
> addressed in a separate document.  We took it out originally 
> because we were trying to tighten the scope of the Guide so 
> we could get it into a publishable form asap.
> Are we happy with guidance on extensions going in another 
> doc, or should it go into the Guide?

It didn't seem that the extension information was all that
extensive in previous SKOS guides.  So I was surprised when
I reread the new SKOS guide and it was missing.  My personal
feeling is that the information should go in the guide.  However,
having said that however, if you were planning to significantly
expand upon the extension information, which I think would be a 
good idea, then it would probably make sense to put it into a 
separate document.

I'll leave the technical mechanics of where the information should be
placed to you, but the information needs to conveyed in some form to
potential SKOS publishers.  Is it possible to put up a draft of what
you currently have for the extension document, in the near future?

Thanks, Andy.

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