RE: SKOS Core review Re: issue: non-Literal "comment" properties Re: new draft of SKOS Core guide

Just some food for thought:

I know that it's perfectly legal in non-DL RDFS space to
have hybrid properties, but given that e.g. dc:creator
has already caused a lot of confusion and needs rules
or application-specific extensions to be processed
without problems, wouldn't it make sense to separate
datatype props from object props or to limit certain
documentation props to literals? RDFS works quite fine
with rdfs:comment and rdfs:seeAlso, maybe SKOS could
live without hybrid props as well? That would at least
be helpful for tool developers who try to extend their
ontology tools (both editors and browsers) to support
SKOS, and OWL DLers would probably be happier, too.
(I'm not sure for example if protege's OWL plug-in
supports rdf:Properties that are not typed as either
datatype or object property..)

sorry if this has already been discussed and resolved.


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On 25.02.2005 13:40:36, Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) wrote:
>Considering only the technical issue of the super-property of the SKOS Core
>documentation properties ... 
>rdfs:comment does have to go as a super-prop for these props because of its
>range, but I've been thinking that there still should be a single property as
>the super-property for all SKOS Core documentation properties.   What if we
>add a new prop e.g. 'skos:documentation' to SKOS Core to play the role that
>rdfs:comment currently does?
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>> * Ralph R. Swick <> [2005-02-18 15:43-0500]
>> > I'd hope that a generic RDF vocab browser would support data-driven
>> > views such that it could be user-trained (or Web-trained) 
>> to know what
>> > to do with, e.g. skos:definition vs. skos:historyNote.
>> (Now we have SPARQL, its XML result format, and XQuery/XSLT, we might
>> just have the raw ingredients for that...)
>> > >> > Thoughts? I'm a little concerned w/ referencing the 
>> non-WD core spec
>> > >> > from a WD. How much more work do you reckon there is 
>> on the main doc,
>> > >> > Alistair?
>> > 
>> > I have become more than a little concerned with the references from
>> > the Guide to the Spec as I've been doing due-diligence on 
>> the request
>> > to publish the Guide as a Working Draft.  I think that any 
>> reasonable
>> > reviewer of the Guide will want to follow the references to 
>> the Spec.
>> > If the Spec is not ready to be published for whatever reason then
>> > I no longer think the WG should be requesting to publish the Guide
>> > independently.
>> I'm convinced now. As much by the positive case as re concerns. By
>> having the two go out at the same time, we'll be in a position to get
>> slashdotted etc. and not look half-ready.
>> (aside re publicity... subject 'tags' in blogs/flickr/etc are getting 
>> a lot of attention lately, and the connection w/ SKOS is being made, 
>> eg. see from
>> David Weinberger, writeup of v nice work from Siderean that 
>> emphasises the extra power RDF/SKOS brings to that scene...).
>> > >> I was thinking that the SKOS Core Spec [1] is pretty 
>> much ready to go, 
>> > >> waiting on comments from Tom & Mark & yourself esp. re 
>> the 'policies' 
>> > >> section I added last week.  Aiming to propose the SKOS 
>> Core Spec for 
>> > >> first WD at the SWBP-WG telecon next thursday (24th 
>> feb), which depends on 
>> > >> approval by Tom and Mark by tuesday/wednesday if they 
>> are willing to give it.
>> > >
>> > >If it is ready to go, should we hold off on the Guide and 
>> have the two
>> > >go out together, cross-referenced? Or can we just put a 
>> redirect in? I
>> > >think a "first working draft" is an attention-capturing 
>> event, people
>> > >will print it out, think about it, etc. Do we want them to 
>> consider both
>> > >docs at same time?
>> > 
>> > The Guide does need to change in a minor way if the TF and WG
>> > concur with dropping rdfs:comment from the superclass hierarchy
>> > of the documentation properties.  The TextArt figure in 
>> > 
>> > needs to be corrected.  
>> Good catch, sorry I missed that.
>> >			That might not need to hold up publication,
>> > but combined with other process questions I think we should wait
>> > and publish the two documents simultaneously.  I believe the first
>> > Working Draft event will get far better reception in the 
>> public if it is
>> > complete (both documents) rather than done in two stages.
>> I think so too, on reflection and after careful review of Core today.
>> cheers,
>> Dan

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