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Re: merging and mapping

From: Leonard Will <L.Will@willpowerinfo.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 14:16:32 +0000
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In message 
<350DC7048372D31197F200902773DF4C04944169@exchange11.rl.ac.uk> on Mon, 
15 Mar 2004, "Miles, AJ (Alistair)" <A.J.Miles@rl.ac.uk> wrote
>In merging, a new scheme is created by combining concepts from 
>different sources.
>It's worth considering the situations where separate groups of people 
>(part of a larger community) are responsible for contributing concepts 
>as part of a larger scheme.  In this scenario we may expect to find 
>overlap of labels.

Before you merge them, you may have to undertake a mapping operation in 
order to resolve conflicts and inconsistencies. A label may be 
associated with different concepts in the part-thesauri being mapped 

Once you have merged the contributions into a whole, each label in the 
single resulting thesaurus should be unique. This should therefore be a 
requirement of a scheme of encoding any single thesaurus, it seems to 


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