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Re: Let's introduce ourselves

From: Xu Zheng (gardenia) <zxu@gardenia-corp.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 20:23:23 -0400
Message-ID: <97dcb9ab-8b69-afd1-9b07-dd21769d347a@gardenia-corp.com>
To: Jean-Marie Geffroy <jmg@mantano.com>, W3C Publishing Community Group <public-publishingcg@w3.org>
Cc: W3C EPUB 3 Community Group <public-epub3@w3.org>
Wonderful! We definitely need advice and insights from reading 
application vendor and manufacturer.

I believe many folks here are also from EDRLab and worked on LCP as well.



On 2022-03-16 5:10 a.m., Jean-Marie Geffroy wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am Jean-Marie Geffroy, Founder at Mantano. We have developed reading 
> apps since 2007. After developing reading apps integrating Adobe RMSDK 
> and Mobipocket SDK for e-reader manufacturers such as Netronix and 
> e-ink smartphones (Yotaphone), we launched our own Mantano Reader 
> brand of reading apps for iOS and Android.
> Since then, we are contributing a significant amount of open-source 
> code to Readium and more:
>   * In 2016 we shared the first LCP implementation to EDRLab
>     <https://www.edrlab.org/2016/01/15/mantano-shares-its-lcp-source-code-with-readium> and
>     allowed LCP to get traction.
>   * In 2018-2019 we worked on R2 for EDRLab as contractors to improve
>     LCP and adapt it to PDF.
>   * In 2022 we open-sourced Iridium
>     <https://github.com/Mantano/iridium>, which is our adaptation of
>     R2 to the Dart language (Flutter for UI-related modules). Iridium
>     includes a full-Dart LCP Client implementation.
> We are also the developers of self-study language learning apps for 
> the french pioneer in this domain, Assimil.
> I also have been a board member at Readium Foundation and EDRLab.
> Happy to be in this group and eager to "have fun" on some topics.
> Very best regards
> *Jean-Marie Geffroy*
> President&Founder
> 34 boulevard des Italiens
> 75009 Paris
> 06 68 69 24 04
> http://mantano.com
> Le 15 mars 2022 à 15:43 +0000, Zheng Xu <zxu@gardenia-corp.com>, a écrit :
>> Hi folks
>> Some of you might have noticed that I started to ask new joined 
>> members to introduce themselves shortly.
>> Actually I think maybe it's also a good time to introduce ourselves 
>> to new members and each other as well since the CG started to be 
>> active during covid and I think a lot of us did not know each other 
>> and might have missed some of the PCG meetings (which is totally fine).
>> Ok, I will run a quick introduction of myself.
>> My name is Zheng Xu. I am located in Ottawa (Canada) and founder of 
>> Gardenia Corp (a digital reading system firm).
>> I joined PCG because I hope I could help with prototyping new reading 
>> experiences, test new concepts and most importantly - make them into 
>> a real product or spec to benefit digital book readers.
>> Cheers,
>> Zheng
Zheng Xu

Chief Executive Officer
Gardenia Corp
Received on Thursday, 17 March 2022 00:23:37 UTC

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