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This is a lovely thread, thank you!

I lead a small team in Cape Town, South Africa, called Electric Book Works.
We do publishing strategy and production work for clients around the world
-- mostly in education and social impact. We specialise in publishing to
the web, in print, and in epub simultaneously, which is very important when
your books need to make an impact at scale. We spend a lot of time figuring
out how to make book features work well across all three formats.

I'm also involved with non-profit publishing in children's books and

Arthur Attwell

On Wed, 16 Mar 2022 at 11:24, Jean-Marie Geffroy <> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I am Jean-Marie Geffroy, Founder at Mantano. We have developed reading
> apps since 2007. After developing reading apps integrating Adobe RMSDK and
> Mobipocket SDK for e-reader manufacturers such as Netronix and e-ink
> smartphones (Yotaphone), we launched our own Mantano Reader brand of
> reading apps for iOS and Android.
> Since then, we are contributing a significant amount of open-source code
> to Readium and more:
>    - In 2016 we shared the first LCP implementation to EDRLab
>    <> and
>    allowed LCP to get traction.
>    - In 2018-2019 we worked on R2 for EDRLab as contractors to improve
>    LCP and adapt it to PDF.
>    - In 2022 we open-sourced Iridium <>,
>    which is our adaptation of R2 to the Dart language (Flutter for UI-related
>    modules). Iridium includes a full-Dart LCP Client implementation.
> We are also the developers of self-study language learning apps for the
> french pioneer in this domain, Assimil.
> I also have been a board member at Readium Foundation and EDRLab.
> Happy to be in this group and eager to "have fun" on some topics.
> Very best regards
> *Jean-Marie Geffroy*
> President&Founder
> 34 boulevard des Italiens
> 75009 Paris
> 06 68 69 24 04
> Le 15 mars 2022 à 15:43 +0000, Zheng Xu <>, a écrit :
> Hi folks
> Some of you might have noticed that I started to ask new joined members to
> introduce themselves shortly.
> Actually I think maybe it's also a good time to introduce ourselves to new
> members and each other as well since the CG started to be active during
> covid and I think a lot of us did not know each other and might have missed
> some of the PCG meetings (which is totally fine).
> Ok, I will run a quick introduction of myself.
> My name is Zheng Xu. I am located in Ottawa (Canada) and founder of
> Gardenia Corp (a digital reading system firm).
> I joined PCG because I hope I could help with prototyping new reading
> experiences, test new concepts and most importantly - make them into a real
> product or spec to benefit digital book readers.
> Cheers,
> Zheng

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