Identifying more important DPUB ARIA roles

Dear all,


As you know that Accessibility task force is working on identifying which
are more important DPUB ARIA roles, that should be included in ARIA
authoring practices. The relevant ARIA issue is at 2.

In last two conference calls, we have sorted the roles according to the
importance, it is in the spreadsheet at 1.

Please review the same, and provide your feedback on issue #85, at 3. 

Please provide your feedback before end of day of Friday, February 11, 2022.


We have used the following selection criteria:

Selection criteria for roles with critical and high importance

- Actionable roles and Navigation roles (noteref, TOC, Pagelist etc.)

- Roles which are important for the print disabled readers, but it may not
be easy for them to distinguish them from other text.

often these semantic elements are identified in the text by their graphical
characterizations (e.g., superscripted number for footnote reference,
larger, bold/italic text for pullquote, etc.) and thus assistive
technologies have no appropriate way to identify the content in a way other
than with the support of the defined roles.


Criteria for roles with medium and low importance:

- Roles which are important for the print disabled readers, but they can
identify it from structural elements like headings with relevant names or
from the content itself.

- Roles which are not so important for the readers.

There are some exceptions to the above criteria, which are explained in the
comments column of the spreadsheet. The following link has the spreadsheet
with DPUB roles sorted by importance:



2. Relevant ARIA issue:

3. Issue #85 for providing feedback on the spreadsheet.


Avneesh Singh

Received on Monday, 7 February 2022 14:49:18 UTC