EPUBCheck v4.2.0 is available! EPUB 3.2 support is now production-ready!

Hi everyone,

EPUBCheck v4.2.0 is now available at the following page:


With this stable release, EPUBCheck brings production-ready support to EPUB 3.2. It’s now time to upgrade the EPUBCheck version used in your production workflows!

The changes since the release candidate include the addition of the new 'voicing' link relationship, improved checking of trailing whitespace in mimetype files, as well as a couple other bug fixes or minor improvements (details in the release notes, on the release page). The translations of error messages have been updated for Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

For a complete list of changes since the last production-ready version (v4.1.1), please refer to the release notes of the 4.2.0-x alpha, beta, and rc release notes.

On behalf of the DAISY Consortium, I'd like to warmly thank everyone who participated to the v4.2.0 effort: from contributing to the localization, to testing the various test releases, reporting bugs or commenting on the issue tracker, or communicating about the fundraising. This great milestone would not have been possible without you!

Finally, even if v4.2.0 is ready for production, feedback or bug reports are always welcome! via replies to this email or directly to our issue tracker on GitHub:


Romain Deltour – @rdeltour
Software and standards development
The DAISY Consortium

Received on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 19:57:52 UTC