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If it helps, I’ve changed the reference to “previous major versions of the specifications” to “versions of EPUB prior to 3.0”. We refer to EPUB 3 as the third major revision of EPUB in the specifications, but also consider .X revisions as major revisions of the major revisions, so this should leave no room for misunderstanding.




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Yes, it sounds like wires are being crossed here. Legacy features are ones from EPUB 2 that are allowed in EPUB 3 for backwards compatibility. They absolutely should not be supported in EPUB 3 itself. This only covers NCX, guide and OPF2 meta.


Deprecation is used for features of EPUB 3 that are no longer recommended for use, and a reading system “may” support these per the current definition.




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Hi Makoto,


I think the (deprecated) language is okay, and is okay on the case you're commenting about.  The line on legacy says of such features "Reading Systems MUST NOT support the legacy feature in content that conforms to this version of the specification."  Which, for the NCX, means that a 3.2 reading system can/should support it for content that's marked version 2.x, but must not support it for 3.x content (it must use the Nav Doc instead).  Also, a 2.x reading system would use the NCX on 3.x content that has both NCX and the NavDoc (as a 2.x RS doesn't know about the NavDoc) – it's the latter case that's one that drives folks to want to include both NCX and NavDoc.






On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 4:46 PM, MURATA Makoto < <> > wrote:

I strongly think that RSs conforming to 3.2 should be allowed to support legacy features.  RSs lacking such support will be rejected by the market, since they are not usable for existing EPUB publications.





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