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EPUB 3.1 title and subtitle of a work, multiple roles of creators and contributors

From: Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de>
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 15:08:33 +0200
To: public-epub3@w3.org
Message-ID: <3786925.kNWUtNXUEq@ap03>

hopefully I can find in this group people knowing answers to my questions about 
the new EPUB 3.1 ;o)

Obviously in 3.1 the attribute refines of the element meta is 
Well, this is for me the most often used attribute for meta elements in EPUB 
3.0 books.
And it is not obvious how to replace it in all cases.

a) Assume we have a work with title and subtitle.
In 3.0 one can manage this in this way:

  <dc:title id="title_1">Digital Books</dc:title> 
    <meta refines="#title_1" property="title-type">main</meta>
    <meta refines="#title_1" property="display-seq">1</meta>
  <dc:title id="title_2" xml:lang="de">All About EPUB 3.1</dc:title>  
    <meta refines="#title_2" property="title-type">subtitle</meta>
    <meta refines="#title_2" property="display-seq">2</meta>

How to do it for EPUB 3.1 without refines?
The property values for this use case seem not to be mentioned anymore in 3.1 
as well ...

b) The display-seq value for property can matter for other issues as well, 
consider this:

  <meta property="dcterms:modified">2017-04-01T13:14:15Z</meta>
  <meta property="dcterms:created">2017-02/03</meta>
  <meta id="issued1" property="dcterms:issued">2017-03-01</meta>
    <meta refines="#issued1" property="display-seq">1</meta>
  <meta id="issued2" property="dcterms:issued">2017-04-01</meta>
    <meta refines="#issued2" property="display-seq">2</meta>

Not obvious as well, how to indicate the order without refines and display-seq.

c) Often a creator or contributor has more than one role.
This was easy to indicate in 3.0 for example in this way:

 <dc:creator id="Erna">Erna Hoffmann</dc:creator>
      <meta refines="#Erna" property="file-as">Hoffmann, Erna</meta>
      <meta refines="#Erna" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">aut</meta>
      <meta refines="#Erna" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">aui</meta>
  <dc:contributor id="Olaf">Dr. Olaf Hoffmann</dc:contributor>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="file-as">Dr. Hoffmann, Olaf</meta>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">mrk</meta>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">art</meta>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">ill</meta>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">aui</meta>
      <meta refines="#Olaf" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">pfr</meta>

 <dc:contributor id="Hans">Hans Hoffmann</dc:contributor>
      <meta refines="#Hans" property="file-as">Hoffmann, Johann</meta>
      <meta refines="#Hans" property="role" scheme="marc:relators">pfr</meta>
      <meta refines="#Hans" property="role" 

How to do this in 3.1?
For each role one has to repeat the creator or contributor element with the 
same name, but different role, maybe each time as well the file-as attribute now 
instead of providing it once with one meta element?

Best wishes

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