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Hi, Brent,

Many thanks for your detailed feedback.  Will continue as advised,



On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 9:00 PM, Bakken, Brent <>

> Hi Vicki and Charlotte,
> Thank you for providing the Editing Plan for the resource and the
> additional questions. The planning team met this morning to discuss and
> provide feedback. Sorry for the delay of the response. We had an email
> listserve issue. Below is a bulleted list of the feedback and
> recommendations that we would like you to add to you editing plan.
> *Feedback and recommendations to add to plan emailed below:*
>    -
> *​Web Accessibility and Older People: Meeting the Needs of Ageing Web
>    Users *
>       - No changes to your approach/plan. Keep going with drafting up the
>       edits
>       - Recommend sending to the small review team when you have a final
>       draft. You can send them the Word doc with everything revised and changes
>       accepted. Then provide them with the link to the current page. Ask them to
>       review and open new issues in GitHub for you and Charlotte to act on.
>       - *Shawn *- will you create a GitHub repo for them to use for
>       issues please (if one does not already exist).
>       - Reviewers can provide feedback to you within Word doc as well if
>       you prefer. Use Track Changes for that.
>    -
> *​Older Users Online:  WAI Guidelines Address Older Users Web Experience *
>       - Agree, no changes needed as it is an article
>    -
> *​Instructions for the "Web Accessibility for Older Users" presentation: *
>       - Planning team agrees this should be held off until post launch
>       updates. We do NOT need to link to this presentation or have it listed.
>       This needs to be noted so that we can take it back up post launch and do
>       any updates and add it back in later.
>    -
> *​Overview of Literature Review: *
>       - Planning team would like to keep this resource linked. There
>       needs to be an indication on the lit review page that it is currently not
>       being updated so that people will know. But we want to provide the
>       information all the same. This is another area that should be noted when
>       you are finished that future updates may be needed or the review removed.
>       For now, please keep and work it into the resource.
>    - *How WCAG 2.0 Applies*
>       - We believe this resource may have been overlooked in your initial
>       review as we don't see notes about it. It is linked in the side navigation
>       as a sub resource.
>       - URL:
>       - Title: Developing Websites for Older People: How Web Content
>       Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Applies
>       - Please be sure to work this document into the edits as well and
>       let us know if you feel major changes need to be made to it.
>    - *A note that was in another email from Shawn* (Just wanted to add it
>    here too)
>       - In: we can delete: "(This
>       page was developed as part of the WAI-AGE Project, introduced below..)" at
>       the top - the whole WAI-AGE Project section at the bottom. The
>       acknowledgment should stay in the footer.
> With this feedback integrated in you plan, it is approved and you are good
> to go. Please keep up the great work as you go through the edits and work
> with your review team to get to a final draft. Remember, if you have any
> questions at all, please reach out to me right away and I will get you what
> you need to keep moving forward.
> Please let us know if you have any questions about what we have added.
> Happy to provide more detail if needed.
> Thanks,
> Brent (& Planning Team)
> Brent A. Bakken
> Director, Accessibility Strategy & Education Services
> Pearson
> 512 202 1087
> Learn more at
> [image: Pearson]
> On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 11:31 PM, Victoria Menezes Miller <
>> wrote:
>> Dear EO Planning group,
>> (I'm sending this mail to Shawn, Sharron and Brent, as I'm currently in
>> transit in airports and cannot recall the generic e-mail to whom the
>> message should be addressed.  Would appreciate your forwarding as required).
>> Our apologies for the slight delay due to some mails not reaching one
>> another.
>> Charlotte and I have looked at the "Older Users Resources", have examined
>> the four resources mentioned below and submit our comments hereafter:
>> *​​Web Accessibility and Older People: Meeting the Needs of Ageing Web
>> Users*
>> This resource needed the most reworking.  Attached in track-change mode
>> one version, plus a clean version for comparison.  The link to the current
>> resource is:
>> We have tried to tailor it to remove the technical focus currently at the
>> beginning (with the listing of the Guidelines) and placing those links at
>> applicable points addressing the user groups in question.  We have tried to
>> eliminate as much of the extra words as possible. Attached two files, one
>> in track-change mode, one clean version.
>> *​​Older Users Online:  WAI Guidelines Address Older Users Web Experience*
>> No changes to as it is a reproduced article
>> *​​Instructions for the "Web Accessibility for Older Users" presentation:*
>> The problem is whether this resource should be updated or not.
>> The slides date back to 2010 and are a *WAI/AGE* project resource.
>>    - If there is the possibility to have these updated in the future,
>>    then, we would recommend removing them until such time that they are
>>    updated.  The slides in question which might need updating are the
>>    statistics.    Otherwise, I think the content is still relevant.
>> *​​Overview of Literature Review*:
>> The same problem as mentioned above as regards the updating of the
>> WAI/AGE resource.
>> Current web version link:
>> wai-age-literature.php
>>    - The key question is will this resource(Literature Review) be
>>    updated in the future or not?  If the resource will not be updated, then, a
>>    few suggestions are made in the attached Word file concerning the
>>    introductory page
>>    - Charlotte is concerned about old material being made available
>>    under the new design.  She recommends that the *both *resources
>>    (presentation and overview of literature review plus review) be removed
>>    unless the literature review will be updated in the near future.
>> Best,
>> Vicki

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