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RE: FW: [euopendata] Classification of open datasets...

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 17:40:34 -0500
To: "'Vassilios Peristeras'" <vassilios44@gmail.com>, <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
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I haven't heard much about the U.S. Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
models lately.  http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/e-gov/FEA 

However, to the degree that datasets may be associated with government
"business areas," the FEA Business Reference Model (BRM) may be relevant.  

Together with the other FEA models, the BRM is available in StratML format
http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/drybridge/index.htm#FEAPMO or, more
specifically, http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/carmel/FEABRMwStyle.xml 

Apparently, the most recent iteration of the FEA models is the Consolidated
Reference Model (CRM), which is available in PDF at
3_Final_Oct_2007_Revised.pdf and XML at
c_Rev_2_3.xml The latter can be viewed in more human-readable format using
Joe Carmel's XSL Appliance:  http://www.xmldatasets.net/webxsl.html 

The Data Reference Model (DRM), dated November 17, 2005, is available in PDF

The DRM Management Strategy is available in StratML format at

Subsections 202(b)(4) & (5) and 207(d) of the eGov Act, respectively,
require U.S. federal agencies to: 

	Work together to link their performance goals to key groups,
including citizens, businesses, and other governments, as well as internal
Federal 	Government operations; and 

	Adopt open standards (e.g., StratML) enabling the organization and
categorization of Government information in a way that is searchable
electronically and interoperably across agencies.

http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/references/eGovXML.htm#202b &

To the degree that datasets may be associated with "program and business
objectives," the FEA Performance Reference Model (PRM) may be relevant.

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