legal status of W3C standards -- Re: Group Note FPWD is done

El 06/03/2009, a las 15:07, Trond Arne Undheim escribió:
> Dear Jose et. al,
> Congratulations on a strong document that clarifies many important  
> issues.
> I have a few suggestions;
> 1) In the Background section, you say: "Governments are increasingly  
> finding value in Web standards created at W3C, these standards  
> currently enjoy broad use in eGovernment and some have been named in  
> laws and put into practice in a variety of countries."
> while this is true, it remains the case that in Europe, one cannot  
> readily reference fora/consortia standards and specifications  
> neither in policy nor in legislation because of the EU legislative  
> framework, specifically Directive 98/34 and CD 87/95.
> I feel our report should reflect that this while a unified IT  
> industry has wanted a reform for several years now, and the fact  
> that such a reform was hinted at in an informal Way Forward document  
> by the European Commission last year, nothing has happened yet, and  
> the reform must wait until the next Commission.
> Meanwhile, it remains true, as our report says, that web standards  
> are used and to some extent referenced in government documents. This  
> shows the enormous importance of such standards.

Opening ISSUE-5

Trond, would you mind to add a reference or two to backup this one? To  
the directives, etc.? You can respond directly to this email or add  
them by editing this issue directly at:

Please, feel free to propose specific wording you'd like to see in the  
doc, too.

-- Jose

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