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Hello Jose,

I'm sorry it took me a few days to get back to you on this.

1. I think this is just the sort of deliverable that the group should  
produce in Year 2. The whitepaper/memo format allows us to target  
specific areas of interest in a short enough format for others to pay  
attention to. If the progression of short documents is planned out  
well enough, it might even be possible to eventually combine them all  
together into a handbook, or a larger/more robust version of a new Note.

2. This particular memo is obviously targeted to someone in a  
management position. I think that's fine. As we start to produce more  
specific BPs for the actual implementation of OGD, further papers can  
fill in the technical gaps, and can be targeted toward the people who  
will actually get the OGD process in place (how to coordinate  
acquiring and distributing data, how to make the data findable by  
human and machine, how to address any security concerns, etc.)

3. The content is necessarily high-level, but I always think that  
documents of this sort can benefit from one or two concrete or  
hypothetical examples of the possibilities that OGD opens up for both  
govs and citizens. Stuff like the Hellenic Shipping maritime traffic  
mashup [1]. What if there was a version that showed the location of  
all emergency vehicles in a county, for example, or a map of Social  
Security offices across the nation. That's the only addition I can  
think of at the moment.

Most of the issues I have with the memo are grammatical, and I'm on  
the ETF, so I'll save that input for a different conversation.



On Jun 16, 2009, at 3:22 AM, Jose M. Alonso wrote:

> Group,
> Chairs have been discussing how the deliverables of the group could  
> look alike, balancing technical work with communications and  
> outreach work; you heard me saying before I think we should put more  
> emphasis on communicating...
> Given the discussions we had so far on [1] and the recently  
> hints on an upcoming, and the number of increasing  
> initiatives asking for input from the group, we drafted a memo based  
> on the content of the Note that could serve as the group's high  
> level advice on how to build any* site [3].
> We'd like to hear from you if this is the sort of deliverable you'd  
> like the group to produce in year 2, what kind of audience it could  
> help and also your thoughts about the content itself.
> We plan to hold a Chairs call tomorrow but we could also bring this  
> to the Group call next week.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jose.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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