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Thanks for forwarding this one. I forgot about this pointer. My bad.  
Sorry about that.
Clearly, we shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Copying Kevin and Suzanne to  
take this into consideration and a way to integrate it in the  
document. It may be also helpful to add it to the glossary (ISSUE-26)  
if they finally add one.

One minor comment though. We are touching on much more issues than the  
ones in that document and hence we need to work with a finer  
granularity when talking about Web content in some sections:  
documents, data, information... but I leave this up to the other  
(smarter) editors :)


El 21/04/2009, a las 23:56, Dave McAllister escribió:

> I noticed that Larry Masinter’s message didn’t include the larger  
> distribution; ISSUE-18 regarding scope:
> Because of the similarity of purpose, the eGovernment initiative  
> should carefully consider reuse of the relevant definitions from the  
> Web Accessibility guidelines in developing government guidelines. In  
> particular:
> In particular
> technology (Web content)
> mechanism <> for encoding  
> instructions to be rendered, played or executed by user agents < 
> >
> Note 1: As used in these guidelines "Web Technology" and the word  
> "technology" (when used alone) both refer to Web Content Technologies.
> Note 2: Web content technologies may include markup languages, data  
> formats, or programming languages that authors may use alone or in  
> combination to create end-user experiences that range from static  
> Web pages to synchronized media presentations to dynamic Web  
> applications.
> Example: Some common examples of Web content technologies include  
> HTML, CSS, SVG, PNG, PDF, Flash, and JavaScript.
> Note that the examples of “Web content” are not restricted to “web  
> content whose format were defined by W3C alone”. It may well be that  
> W3C may restrict its technical recommendations to formats and  
> protocols within its control (i.e., not try to redefine the HTTP  
> protocol) but in policy development, a realistic policy would  
> address real-world content, as was the case with WCAG.
> Larry
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