Re: new draft of Interoperability section

El 24/04/2009, a las 16:47, Jose M. Alonso escribió:
> All,
> I'm attaching a new draft of the Interoperability section. Miguel  
> has developed this one on top of Oscar's FPWD text and taking into  
> account open issues around the topic.
> ...

Trond, Miguel, all,

One more thing. I see Miguel added a some bits about "open standards"  
here which reminded me of ISSUE-5:

Could any of you point to the specific paragraphs and provide  
replacement text and references?

Also, I think it's be good if non-europeans could check the content  
about the topic and see if it makes sense to them, too, or if  
something else should be added.

Thanks in advance,

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