[agenda] eGov IG telecon, 15 October 2008

Hi Group participants,

Below is the proposed agenda for the Group call tomorrow. Please, join  
on IRC if possible, too, and send regrets to the list if you don't  
plan to attend.

Regarding the use cases and framework, Chairs will be sending more  
details very soon. We'd like the F2F to be framed by them.

Please, remember that instructions on how to participate are at:

Agenda - eGov IG call, 15 Oct 2008
Scribe: Laila (with Roberto on deck)
  1. Convene, agenda adjustments
      * Appoint a scribe
  2. Introductions - new people onboard?
  3. Basic IRC recap and a quick play [5min]
  4. Review of action items [5min]
  5. Preparing for the face to face
       * Explain that the structure we devise for the face to face
         will be the structure of the document.
       * Is everyone prepared to agree to write one use case each,
         over the next week?
  6. Use Case framework
       * Is this the right framework or should we use the
         task force structure?
       * Does this provide the structure for the face to face
  7. Candidate Use Cases
       * Discuss each in turn, identify volunteer to produce use case,
         for further discussion at the face to face
  8. Next Meeting [1min]
       * F2F @ TPAC: 23-24 Oct
       * Proposed next call: 29 Oct.


Jose M. Alonso <josema@w3.org>    W3C/CTIC
eGovernment Lead                  http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/

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