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This is an intesting point for me too! - I have the feeling (and I could be completely wrong here, this is based on mere perceptions) that the view from the Citizen is, in many cases, not incorporated with the required importance in terms of:

 - which services could have the greatest demand or impact on a broad / particular group
 - how the service is delivered
 - levels of quality
 - etc. etc. etc.

 I believe that, in some cases, these services are prioritized and delivered from the administration (offer) point of view, as opposed to the citizen (demand) point of view. These (offer and demand) may match at the maximum utility point - or not - and the utility may be perceived differently by public administrations and citizens.

My question could be formulated as follows:

 - To which degree public administrations are gathering input / feedback from their citizens - about which services would be mostly preferred, how that service is provided, etc.? Surely it is a best practice to measure usage of public services, but this does not directly measure if the service is really a priority for the citizen, or the level of dissatisfaction it generates.
 - Which experiences on these kind of consultations are we aware of? And by electronic means?

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This has been an interesting debate and one of the reasons I started my doctoral research!

I was tired of national targets and league tables that were meaningless from a citizen perspective and perhaps driving development the wrong way!

What I suspected was needed was a pragmatic view from below. Many of the caluculations used at national level were also complex and burdensome.

I proposed something based on citizen satisfaction across all channels, which I am now feeling just needs to collate 'dissatisfaction' across all channels and direct improvement. Not entirely systems thinking but at least focusing on variation and using that to develop change.


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