RE: Government and "web basics"

One thing that many people (especially senior fellows in Institutions,
Think Tanks, Consultancy Corporations etc) ignore is that in some
countries there are at least three levels of government - national,
state/province and city/county.  So we continually see bogus league
tables that show that country A is ahead of country B in e-government,
based solely on an analysis of the "top" sites in country B's national


The significant point is that the big gains in e-government in the
three-level model are mostly at the state/province level because that's
where they provide most services to the public.  This is true to a
lesser degree at the city/county level, not that they don't provide
services but that their size and capacity for investment often limit
their abilities.


So you might find that my government (with a hybrid city/state form) has
e-government developments that would compare favourably with some small
countries, but of course that doesn't show up in the league tables. 


Which doesn't give us much confidence in the senior fellows.




Kerry Webb
Policy Office
ACT Government, Canberra, Australia 
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