Re: TPAC 2019 minutes?

Thank you for the instructions on how to make it happen automatically.

Just in case you missed it I wanted to point out that the minutes were copy/pasted into an email and sent to  You can find them archived here<>.  Grisha has also linked to them from the Editing Taskforce wiki<>.


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Firstly, sorry for this delayed reply, and secondly, sorry for not getting to the meeting in time to help get this setup on the day.

I've copied Xiaoqian, who may be able to help us transfer someone's local IRC log into some official minutes.

For reference, to have this happen automatically, register rrsagent to the channel, then use these commands:

rrsagent, set logs world-visible (makes the published minutes open to all)

rrsagent, make minutes (done periodically to update the published minutes)

This also captures everyone who has issued the present+ command to indicate they were present at the meeting.

Other useful things to do, are the following commands:

Meeting: Meeting name (the title used for the published minutes)

Chair: Chair's name

Scribe: Scribe's name (can change as the scribe changes)



On 02/10/2019 18:44, Grisha Lyukshin wrote:
This was probably an omission on my part since I was the first one to take minutes.

Travis, is there a process we can add the minutes from our irccloud somewhere to W3C archives so they are shown as WG minutes? Or should we just paste them in this email and they will become public just by the virtue of public-editing-tf mailing list being on the thread?


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Looking at the logs in my client it doesn't seem that the rrsagent was added on Sep 20th meeting.
I can copy paste and share them publicly somewhere if that helps but others may know a better way.


On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 1:22 AM Theresa O'Connor <<>> wrote:

Have the minutes from the Editing TF meeting in Fukuoka been posted


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