Re: on execCommand() and script-triggered copy/cut/paste

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 5:27 PM, Johannes Wilm <> wrote:
> Well, we are making some updates to it, and the warning corresponds as far
> as I can tell to the wording Aryeh preferred. We were doing some minor
> things already before yesterday, so this spec is the one things happen in
> and not the one from beginning of 2014. That entire discussion was some
> months ago when maintainership was transferred. Aryeh and you are also
> welcome to rejoin the drafts as part of the editor team if you want to add
> something more to it yourselves.

Okay, if you're actively maintaining it at all, or even think you
might sort of be, then I'd prefer to delete my copy.  I'm not planning
to work on the spec at all, and if I do want to make a change or two
I'll submit a pull request.  What are the documents that replace my
old editing.html, and are there links to readable HTML copies
available (not just source code)?  I'll update my old spec with links.

I'd like to know what's happening with the tests, though.  If the spec
is actually being updated, the tests will be out of sync, and as
things stand the expected results can't actually be updated based on
algorithm changes, because they need to be regenerated in a way that
cannot be done right now.  If substantive changes are being made to
the spec, it might be a good idea to ensure that there's a way to
regenerate the tests, and that the spec editors do that whenever they
make changes.  Otherwise, I guess the tests will just fall out of

I just reformatted the tests to be more usable (many small files
instead of one giant one) and made a couple of other tweaks based on
changes made to Mozilla's local copy.  I think web-platform-tests is
where these things are supposed to go these days -- if that's correct,
the tests should live there, and other copies should be deleted.

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